Louis Johnson

LOUIS JOHNSON is “owner of the gift that every comic craves—the ability to draw the long, hearty laughs from start to finish,” raves CBS TV. This man “leaves no doubt as to how much he enjoys performing standup. Just listen to him laughing along with the audiences. No subject is off-limits for this…winner of Showtime Network’s ‘Funniest Person in America.’ His satchel of side-aching funny material is filled with topics ranging from parenthood to politics.”

One night on his way home from his fast food job, Louis happened to walk into a downtown comedy club. It reminded him of the time he spent as a teenager in a summer program that sent him and his friends out to perform sketch comedy shows for nursing homes, daycare centers, and juvenile hall detention centers. That bit of nostalgia prompted him to come in the next night and sign up for new talent night. Two weeks later, he was on stage.

With several upcoming television, film, and theatrical appearances, Louis states that he will never give up the stand-up comedy arena. “Standup is pure,” he says with a sly smile. “On a movie or television set everyone has a suggestion about what you say and how to say it. But when it’s just you, the audience, a microphone, and the possibility of a true, one-of-a-kind, raw, naked shared experience—and it’s funny—nothing, and I mean nothing, can beat that.”