DEE MURA ENTERPRISES is a full-service entertainment company with a strong presence in the publishing, corporate, cruise, club, music, film, television, and production industries. For over 20 years, we have had the joy of working with a wide variety of performers, bringing laughter and happiness to people all over the world. We have built our business on passion and innovation, cultivating a reputation for finding fantastic entertainers and grooming them for greatness. We believe in the talent of our artists and authors, and managing a small roster enables us to be committed to every single client. As self-proclaimed workaholics, we have flourished as a leader in the industry by bringing quality entertainment to every corner of the world, from the United States to Australia, Brazil, China, and Japan. 


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For us, this isn’t work—it’s a way of life!

The Dee Mura Team. Left to right: Kimiko, Dee, and Kaylee. 




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