Jim McCue

JIM MCCUE’s mix of witty A-list material and razor sharp improv has earned him the title “Boston’s King of Crowd Work.” Jim stands head and shoulders above club comedians of the “stick-to-the-script” variety, and that’s not just because he spans a height of six foot six!  Jim McCue blends thought-provoking material and uncanny improv skills with a style that encourages audience participation, making sure that no two shows are ever the same.

Jim has been featured on Comedy Central, Comcast Comedy Spotlight, NBC’s Last Comic Standing, and Roughing It on NESN. Founder of the legendary Boston Comedy Festival, New York Comedy Competition, and Cheers Comedy Club, Jim has been a leader in the world of laughter for many years.  He has worked in comedy clubs all over the world, from his hometown in Boston to Las Vegas, New York City, and far-flung places like Dublin, Montreal, Sydney and Edinburgh.

For over a decade Jim has been entertaining U.S. soldiers at more than 100 bases around the world. An account of his experiences performing for the troops has recently been published in Embedded Comedian, which Jim describes as a “field manual for comedians in a war zone.”  Through laughter, Jim also raises money for Wounded Warriors, an organization that raises money for the families of soldiers injured at war.

With his unique act, Jim keeps the audience on its toes. Volleying between set material and working the crowd, Jim cracks jokes with amazing timing and whip-like precision. It’s a unique blend that leaves audiences roaring with laughter!