Peter Fogel

PETER FOGEL is a high-energy humorist with a comedic style that is nothing short of sidesplitting. Performing on stage, on television, and everything in between, Peter is met by a standing ovation time and time again.

Heavily involved in the corporate marketing world, Peter has collaborated with clientele such as American Express, Miller Lite, and Mazda. He has likewise made his mark in the television industry, teaming up with an assortment of popular cable networks such as HBO, CBS, NBC, MTV, PBS, A&E, Fox News, and Comedy Central. Peter was featured in So You Want To Be An Actor with Cristopher Walken, Stiller and Meara, and Roscoe Lee Brown, and narrated Discovery Channel’s “Mysteries of Mating.” He has also worked with other comedic greats such as Robin Williams, Jon Stewart, Jason Bateman, and Ray Romano.

As a writer in Hollywood, Peter was a member of the elite Warner Bros. Comedy Writer’s Workshop. He has written for Rita’s World, which consistently rates as the number one comedy program in Germany and is the recipient of the prestigious Adolf Grimme Preis award (equivalent to the American Emmy). Peter is also the author of the critically acclaimed If Now Now… Then When?, a compilation of stories and strategies of successful self-reinvention. He is well known for his keynote speeches on humor and reinvention, as well as his teachings on public speaking and comedy writing techniques.

Whether he is performing a tailored stand-up routine for a Fortune 500 or teaching a comedy writing workshop to a group of 5, Peter is an unrivaled talent. Always a success at drawing sidesplitting laughs from any crowd, his rousing success across America is undeniable.