Kevin Flynn

KEVIN FLYNN is a true Renaissance man, excelling in everything from performing world-renown standup, to hosting various award-winning television series, to producing the exceptionally successful Nantucket Comedy Festival. An entertainer in every sense of the word, Kevin has audiences in a continuous state of laughter. Armed with an array of spot-on caricatures and improvisations, Kevin has undeniably become one of today’s top-notch entertainers.

Following a professional career in soccer, Kevin made the switch to comedy. As an accomplished host and entertainer, Kevin has appeared on television screens across the nation while covering numerous World Cups for Fox Sports, ESPN and ABC. Kevin is especially well known by soccer fans as "The Halftime Guy" for his internationally broadcast halftime show during the 1994 World Cup. He is also the part-time host for Adidas English Premier League Soccer on Canada's Sportsnet.

After winning the Boston Comedy Riot, Kevin began appearing on numerous comedy specials including NBC's Friday Night Videos, Evening at the Improv, Open Mike, and several comedy shows on MTV. Kevin then extended his comedic prowess into the television and film arena, hosting The Discovery Channel’s Go For It! adventure series, which served as the backdrop for his one-man show, The Go for It Guy: Shotgun Wedding, receiving rave reviews at the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival. Other credits to his name include an appearance in Me, Myself & Irene with Jim Carrey, a featured guest spot on NBC's Law & Order and HBO's Sex and the City, and a starring role in HGTV’s Ultimate Collectors.

Not the least of Kevin’s accomplishments is the Nantucket Comedy Festival, of which he is the executive director and co-founder. Bringing countless household names and top performers together, the NCF supports the local community as well as a charity close to Kevin’s heart, ProjACK Comedy. An educational curriculum created and hosted by Kevin himself, the program teaches high school students confidence through the art of writing and performing original stand-up. Like this educational initiative, Kevin approaches all that he does with a sense of humor that is inspirational, infectious, and laugh-inducing.