Jimmy Dunn

JIMMY DUNN's sense of humor grew from his blue-collar background.  As a youngster, he spent a great deal of time hanging out at the job site with his father.  After work each day, his dad would enjoy a few beers and a few laughs with his co-workers. Everyone would sit around the garage, night after night, taking turns telling the same stories over and over again. And they’d always laugh.

Jimmy is most often recognized as “Jimmy the Cabbie,” from the Olympia Sports television commercials that air on NESN during The Red Sox games. Originally on track to become a professional surfer, Jimmy eventually found his way into the world of stand-up after watching a comedian telling stories to a crowd of laughing people. Relating his own anecdotes from the stage, Jimmy applies the story-telling techniques he learned from the guys in the garage with personal warmth, becoming one of New England's favorite comedians.

Jimmy was the host of NESN’s classic Red Sox pre-game show, Fan Attic, as well as the popular Sox Appeal, an Emmy Award-winning dating show. He has made appearances on Comedy Central, CMT, and Jimmy Kimmel Live, and has acted with Matt Damon in the film Stuck On You. He also performed comedy segments for Obstructed View and A&E’s Inside This Old House. In addition to being a big hit at corporate events for companies such as Microsoft, Sony, Gilette, and Citibank, Jimmy performs his unique blend of stand-up at comedy clubs and colleges nationwide, as well as on cruise ships and USO tours around the world.

With a laid-back yet professional approach to comedy that results in pure, sidesplitting humor, Jimmy is a must-see entertainer. It’s the same tenacity and passion with everything that he does, from the Red Sox to the red curtain, that keeps Jimmy in top form and well on his way to riding that “next big wave,” whatever it may be.