Don Gavin

DON GAVIN is one of the most legendary and masterful comedians of all time. Respected by fans and fellow comics alike, Don has been affectionately deemed the “Godfather of Boston Comedy.” His quick wit and rapid-fire delivery make for an unstoppable performance, generating laughter that transcends every generation.

Don has made countless guest appearances on television and in film, being featured on The Late Show with David Letterman and appearing in Shallow Hal and Fever Pitch, working alongside some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry including Robin Williams, Martin Sheen, Sandra Bullock, and the Farrelly Brothers. He has starred in several of the world’s most prominent comedy festivals such as Montreal’s Just For Laughs and the Edinburgh Comedy Festival, winning the Comic’s Comic award at the Nantucket Comedy Festival. In addition to performing his trademark style across the United States, Don has also toured throughout Canada, the Caribbean, Australia, Germany, Japan, Baghdad, and Saudi Arabia.

One of the great pillars of the comedy community, Don is an original founder of the famous Ding-Ho Comedy Club and Nick’s Comedy Stop, personally helping to launch the careers of countless other comedians including Steven Wright, Denis Leary, Dane Cook, Steve Sweeney, Jay Mohr, and Jerry Seinfeld. Don is always willing to help out with a good cause and is extremely involved in benefits and charity events across the nation. He has worked with the Make-A-Wish Foundation at the Comedy Connection and has toured with the USO to bring comedic relief to American troops overseas. Most notably, however, Don regularly hosts and headlines the Autism Speaks Comedy Night, raising funds for autism research and state-of-the-art education for children with developmental disabilities. Likewise, Don is the master of ceremonies for Grin and Share It, a comedy benefit for organizations that provide food and health insurance for the homeless.

With a breakneck-speed approach to comedy and an “everyman” style, Don’s humor is nothing short of universal. Australia Network TV says, "No one—absolutely no one does to an audience what this performer does. It was an hour of brilliance. Side-holding laughter throughout—Gavin has to be seen in person to be believed." Don is truly one of the most talented, distinguished, and respected comics of all time.